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Formed in June 2009 by Mike and Jim Davis and Andy Hammond to help make use of the former “Boys Club” in Nailsworth which had stood idle for several years.

As they are all “Old Boys” and had played a bit of table tennis in their youth, a plan of action was forming and contact was made with other “Old Boys” of a similar generation.

It seemed like a good idea at the time and with a few more recruits a team was entered into the Stroud league. We then realised that apart from the odd game when on holiday it had been about 38 years since any of us had seen league action of any sort. Not only that but the rules had now been changed to a faster format!

Practise got under way on June 30th and the “Nailsworth Boys Club” table tennis team had been formed, there was no going back.

With some old bats out of the games room and probably the same tables that had seen action some forty years ago we did begin to wonder what we had let ourselves in for.

The chance of three old and damaged tables (but still better than ours) was seized upon and gratefully received from Archway sports centre. A couple of Saturday mornings of tinkering and mending produced three tables of a just about playable standard, and with a few visits to a well known online auction site for new bats and balls we ventured into our league campaign with “Arthur’s” words echoing in our ears “It’s Not The Winning, It’s The Taking Part That Counts”……..

After receiving many strange looks when three, fifty somethings turned up for matches under the guise of the “Boys Club” and the need to attract players of all ages and genders, we changed our name to “Nailsworth Phoenix Table Tennis Club”.

Minutes Of 2020 AGM:

phoenix agm minutes 2020 rev.1